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When looking for a roof cleaning company in Kissimmee, FL, what are the most important questions you ask?

1. Who is the best roof cleaning company in Kissimmee, FL?

2. What is the cost of roof cleaning in Kissimmee, FL?

3. Is this pressure washing company licensed and insured in Kissimmee, FL?

Here at Solomon and Sons Pressure Washing LLC we not only have over 12 years of experience in pressure washing and roof cleaning, we are also licensed and insured, and our goal is to be the #1 residential pressure washing company in Kissimmee, FL. We are so confident in our prices we will beat any other licensed and insured pressure washing company's prices.

This shingle roof soft wash in Kissimmee, FL was a complete transformation. The shingle roof looks brand new!

At Solomon and Sons Pressure Washing LLC when we do roof cleanings, we start by covering any plants and flowers with tarps when necessary to ensure we do not burn them when the runoff falls off your roof. We then soak any and all remaining exposed plants with water to protect them as well. After we have protected all of your plants and flowers around your home, we do what is called a roof soft wash which consists of spraying the roof with a chemical solution. This solution will kill all algae, mold and mildew on your tile, shingle or metal roof. We repeat this soft wash 1-2 more times depending on how dirty the roof is.

Roof cleaning can be expensive and if you don't hire the right professional pressure washing company that will use the correct chemicals, can result in a waste of money. At Solomon and Sons Pressure Washing, we have extensive experience in roof soft washing in Kissimmee, Polk County and surrounding areas. We guarantee to get it clean the first time and provide results that will last.

Location: Kissimmee, FL

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