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Pool Deck Cleaning in Sebring

Pool Deck Cleaning in Sebring

We received a call from a homeowner in Sebring. They were requesting an estimate for a pool deck cleaning. I gave them a quote to clean their pool deck and told them I could complete the job that same week. They were excited that it could be done so quickly and for such an affordable price. The home owner had contacted 3 other pressure washing companies in Sebring for quotes to clean their pool deck and we were the lowest quote they received.

When we arrived, the pool deck was definitely in worse condition than we expected. But with our extensive experience, we knew just what to do to restore this pool deck. While pressure washing pavers is easy enough, it cannot always yield the best results if not paired with pre or post treatment. Solomon and Sons Pressure Washing has over 12 years experience with this kind of work and we knew we could give this homeowner in Sebring their desired results.

We began with pretreating this Sebring pool deck. Some pressure washers would skip this step but it is essential to ensure you receive the best results that will last. If you do not pretreat the pool deck before cleaning, the mold and algae would grow back rapidly, resulting in a waste of money. After pretreating the pool deck, we surface cleaned the entire pool deck two times. Next, I used a zero tip to remove all the weeds in between the pavers and finally, gave the pool deck a final rinse. With no odd lines or markings left over and all of the weeds completely removed, Solomon and Sons Pressure Washing was able to fully satisfy this client in Sebring, FL.

Budget: 300

Location: Sebring, FL

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